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How we began?

We founded Bukona Agro Processors Ltd out of a pure passion. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of. The journey commenced in 2015 with acquisition of land and the statutory permissions. The construction was commenced in May 2016 and the plant was commissioned in January 2019


Green Fuel Uganda

The company is into manufacturing of Ethanol from cassava which is denatured to be used as fuel for cooking in specially designed Ethanol cook stoves. the fuel is a cleaner and healthier option of cooking and we have branded this fuel as Green Fuel Uganda being manufactured locally from the farm produce, helping to maintain the green environment.


our stoves are designed to use ethanol fuel substituting charcoal and imported L.P.G. The stoves are affordable, energy efficient, emission free, easier and safer to operate than other means of cooking. The durability of the stoves is expected to be about 5 years and the only component which may need replacement is the fuel canister. This will be ,made available locally at an affordable price.

Animal Feed

Company plans to install the machinery which shall separate and dry the effluent generated and produce animal feed which shall have valuable nutrients. This feed shall be useful for cattle, piggeries, fisheries and poultries.

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