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Animal Feed is then used by poultries, fisheries and cattle.


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The Ethanol manufactured is used as a Bio-Fuel in our specially designed Ethanol Cook Stoves - This Renewable Fuel has kickstarted a Green Revolution in our country. 


Green Fuel is a denatured fuel ethanol manufactured from cassava to be used for domestic cooking. This is a clean cooking fuel which has zero smoke emissions and is a healthier way of cooking for our community in comparison with the charcoal.

This Bio-Fuel (Green Fuel) is a cheaper substitute to the LPG and charcoal. The start-up cost of our double burner stoves is half of the LPG Stoves as this does not require purchasing of a cylinder. 

We are bringing this in the market in the volumes of 500ml and 1Ltr. The fuel can be purchased in smaller volumes to suit ones budget. A Litre of Fuel lasts up to 4-5 hours in controlled cooking and a moderate family of about 5 members can cook around three meals.

Bukona Agro foresees that this initiative will substitute charcoal and turn out to be the main cooking fuel in Uganda 

In Uganda; Charcoal is the main cooking fuel used by masses, depleting thousands of acres of forests annually thus causing a heavy irreversible impact on the environment globally. This project will conserve beyond 8000 acres of deforestation annually reducing the impact on the nature.

This renewable fuel also promotes extensive cassava cultivation thus utilising the dormant land to generate employment at a great magnitude. We are In partnership with the Archdiocese of Gulu who have over 10,000 farmers under their co-operative societies and chapels. 

We project this as a major Agro-Industrial sector in the years to come and are proud to be the pioneers of this concept in Uganda.

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